Recent Cirque Productions News -
The Cirque crew has been hard at work in 2014 on a number of UNC-Chapel Hill spots.  We've shot in London, South Africa, and all over the US for the last couple months.  We're getting ready to drop a whole series of videos and our first and maybe favorite is this piece for Honors Study Abroad Cape Town, South Africa. For a more complete rundown of the 2014 line up, check out our Recent Work.



Honors Carolina - We've been working with the UNC Honors program for the last year to put together a series of videos to highlight the incredible opportunities available at UNC Chapel Hill.  What's Your Anywhere is the first in a series, so stay tuned for future releases.

Kickstarter - Solid Art Labs connected with us late in 2013 to help them with a Kickstarter campaign for their project, The King's Assembly.  The video was a big hit and the campaign raised over 10x its fundraising goal.

BASF - The multinational chemical company BASF has an office and lab in our area, so we link up with them whenever they are launching a new line of products. For this one we got to cruise around some of the nicer golf courses in Chapel Hill to showcase their new fungicide line. 


Who We Are -
Cirque Productions is a videography and photography team based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We wake up every day faced with a job that we love, and passionately create stunning commercials, shorts films, and images for a wide variety of customers and businesses. As a rule, we  consistenly exceed our client's expectations, sell their products and messages, and have them clamouring for more.

We do tons of video production with UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, NC State, surrounding tech companies here in RTP, as well as a number of other clients in assorted places throughout the world.  A quick overview of what we get into on a daily basis includes: promotional video work for the Universities, video journalism, commercials, headshot photography, ad photography, interviews etc.