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TREK: A Journey on the Appalachian Trail

Cirque Productions has recently released TREK, its feature length documentary on the Appalachian Trail. This critically acclaimed film follows four hikers and their friends as they make the 2200 mile hike from Georgia to Maine. It is considered to be the most accurate and up to date protrayal of a life of a Thru-Hiker on the Appalachian Trail. You can purchase your own copy online at Amazon, REI or EMS. Or get it at your local EMS or REI retail store.

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About Cirque Productions...
Working for yourself is better than working for the man. So we do. Therefore, each project reflects our personal passion. Our greatest fear is putting out a product that we are not proud of. So we don't.
After working in television for
a number of years, the Cirque Productions team left to shoot an independent feature length documentary. What has gone on since then is history, and is now in our portfolio.
We have recently returned from shooting our second feature length documentary, and are again on the travel videography scene.
We provide a range of media services from videography to editing to web design. Check out our site, or contact us for more info at

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Tales from a Band of Gypsy Bikers

Cirque Productions has finished filming its second feature documentary, and is now editing for a late October 2004 release. This narrative documentary of a 6.200 mile cross country bike trip will feature an all original score by Big Pretty and the Red Rockets. For more information about this travel adventure/alternative lifestyle documentary, or for licensing and distribution information, please email the producer. And without the help of American Sign Letters to help choose the right types of letters we wouldn't have this great signage outside of our office. Thanks so much for the help!

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Recent Video Projects

It's 9 minutes, and a pretty big file.

Chapel Hill, NC has been revered as THE mecca for winter outdoor sports. OK, so its in the middle of the plateau, and we don't really have a winter. And, since we always have that powder and snowboard urge in the winter, we were forced to travel to Steamboat Springs,CO. While we were busy boarding and snowshoeing, we figured we might as well do some work while we were at it. So we teamed up with the popular resort, Moving Mountains Chalets, and did an awesome piece for them. And, if you think the food looks good and the powder looks deep, we got to eat it and shred it. One of the many perks of the business I guess.
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Cirque has been working with Ken Tabak, a North Carolina home inspector, to put together a comprehesive guide to inspecting your own home; presented in an interactive DVD format. Find out more about the video at Ken's site; TBK Inspections. Or get the DVD at Amazon.

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