Who We Are:

D1 Bound Videos is a travel/adventure documentary film crew based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When we're not out trotting the globe with cameras in tote, we freelance our videography and editing expertise that we've built up over the years. You can find out more about the production crew of Leon and Brian at the Bio page of Cirque Productions.

 What We Do:

Our program, D1 Bound Videos, specializes in creating personalized highlight reels for highschool athletes. Many high school players looking to play college sports need a 10 minute film of themselves to send to distant colleges and coaches. D1 Bound Videos uses footage shot by the schools, parents, and by us to create a completely customized highlight reel.

  • Personal highlight reel from 4 MiniDV tapes or Hi8 Digital tapes = Starting at $400
  • Highlight reel from 4 VHS/VHS-C/Hi8 tapes = Starting at $600
  • Reel from 3 MiniDV or Hi8 Digital plus 1 game shot by D1 Bound Video crew = Starting at $650

To inquire about a package, schedule a shoot, or just have some questions
email: Brian@CirqueVideo.com

 How To Get Started:

If you're in the middle of a season, begin shooting some games. Use Hi8 Digital and MiniDV cameras whenever possible.

When you're shooting, don't be too far away, and try to be somewhat elevated. Use a tripod whenever possible. If you have to go hand held, be as steady as you can. Don't zoom in and out too much, pick a level of zoom that allows you to see what is going on with your player and stay with it. Avoid shooting zoomed all the way out; showing the whole field does little to illustrate your athlete's prowess.

If there are games that the school has shot, get copies of those tapes. They are usually good quality and in the proper format.

Consider having us shoot staged practices or private sessions. Many times coaches are looking to see a mix of game action as well as general athleticism and a mastery of the fundamentals.

D1 Bound Videos is a subsidiary of Cirque Productions

Contact: email Brian@CirqueVideo.com