We are a two man show (or three if you count the recent addition of big jake). The essence of your project will never be lost as it goes from department to department. Every project that we take on is a personal endeavor that we personally see through from beginning to end.

Leon has a degree in Communications from UNC-Chapel Hill. His amazing artistic ability makes him Cirque's graphic designer, and his production background makes him an incredible editor. Leon is also an outdoor enthusiast, who recently biked 6,200 miles across America, only after he thru hiked the entire 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail. In addition to all this editing and outdoor stuff, Leon loves shredding guitar in his band Big Pretty and the Red Rockets.

Brian has a degree in business from UNC-Chapel Hill, and therefore handles the business aspect of Cirque. Having been in the industry now for many years, Brian also shoots, edits, DVD masters, web encodes, and all that fun dorky stuff that production people do. Since Brian and Leon are basically joined as one, he has also recently biked across the country and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. However, since Brian does not shred guitar like Leon does, he occupies his free time in other ways. He coaches basketball and baseball at a local middle scool, and shares his wealth of outdoor knowledge by teaching and guiding for Boy Scout Troop 39.

Big Jake aka Big Pretty is a recent addition to the Cirque team. We don't really know where he came from, but he played football for Michigan and neither Leon nor Brian had the courage to tell him he couldn't join the company. So now that he's here he uses his amazing song writing ability, plus his natural talent as a musician, to be the Cirque Music Director, and handles custom songs, soundtrack work, and music scores. We wouldn't recommend criticizing his work. The fourth member of Cirque, Bobby, did that, now we're back down to three members. Come hang out at the studio, or a Big Pretty and the Red Rockets show, and you'll see why.

One of the founding members of the Cirque Productions team: Brian Burnham
Leon Godwin, with the love of his life, Brianne Fowles. Leon also loves Brian, but probably won't have kids with him.
Leon and Brian in San Francisco during their cross country bike trip.
The new addition to the Cirque Team. Jake Frysinger, aka Big Pretty