Brian Burnham -Brian Burnham - Cirque Productions

Brian earned a business degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2000 and handles the business aspect of Cirque. Brian founded Cirque Productions with his friend Leon Godwin in 2002 and for the last twelve years he has been shooting photos and video all over Chapel Hill, the United States, and around the world.

When he is not in the studio or on a job, Brian is a passionate adventure traveler. He started off his addiction by thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2001 and has then gone on to bike across the United States five times, thru hike the JMT, the Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, The Camino de Santiago, Torres del Paine, the Condoriri Real, climb Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua and generally bounce around 25+ countries on 5 continents. Back in Chapel Hill he loves working at Cirque, coaching the Smith Middle Cyclones baseball team, and guiding for Boy Scout Troop 845.



Ted Richardson - Ted Richardson - Cirque Productions

Ted Richardson brings a decade's worth of photojournalism and storytelling to the Cirque Team. He has a Masters in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he also teaches classes from time to time. He worked as a journalist for over ten years and has covered stories in every corner of the globe and also some really epic sporting events here stateside. He now brings his extensive photography, storytelling, and artistic experience to the DSLR and multimedia market of advertising and marketing.
Ted resides here in Chapel Hill with his wife and three sons. He still talks about his glory days of running marathons for the Army and claims that he is still faster than his eldest son....he's not. He also claims that his Spanish is better than his middle son's, who is fluent...he's not. But, he can still rip off some serious frames on a 5D in an active warzone like no other.





Bryce McNabb - Bryce McNabb - Cirque Productions
Bryce is an integral part of the Cirque team, his job is to make stuff look good.  The crew goes out and shoots gobs of photos and video, dumps it on Bryce's desk, and then after a week or so, miraculously there is a polished, finely color corrected project.  Bryce does it all on the post production side; graphics, editing, animation, color correction, photo work....and is also a huge camera and lens dork which is really handy when technical questions pop up.

In addition to being a post production guru, Bryce is also a certified hipster.  You can hear him coming into the office with his wood bottomed, pointed shoes, held firmly in place with Argyle socks.  Complete with colored glasses, Bryce is often seen with a variety of speciality cameras, and is appropriately insulted if you don't share his passion for their uniqueness.




Brett Scibal - Brett Scibal - Cirque Productions
Brett is the most recent member of the Cirque team and a 2012 UNC Wilmington grad in Communication Studies.  Brett brings that young fresh style to Cirque and tries to make his shots and edits look 'dope'....although we're not sure what that means, we think it means good.

He's spent some time shooting on an Arri Alexa, but since we don't have a quarter of a milion bucks laying around the studio, he uses our C300 and asorted Mark 3's now.  Brett's done it all, shot, edited, gripped, and PA'd all around the country so is pretty handy on the huge variety of jobs that we get into.

He hates long days in the studio, not because they can get grueling under hot lights, but because if he leaves his dogs unattended for more than six hours they literally eat his couch out of spite.  And being from Wilmington, any time not behind the camera or in the edit bay is spent in search of some good surf.